How to Become an Associate

How to Become an Associate

Associates of GROVEWELL LLC are selected by the partners, Dr. Cornelius Grove and Willa Zakin Hallowell.  Whenever possible, one or both of the partners meet applicants face-to-face before the decision is made to accept them as associates.  When a meeting is not possible, one of the partners speaks by phone or, preferably, Skype or FaceTime with the candidate.

GROVEWELL is not offering full-time employment. This page discusses possibilities with GROVEWELL for qualified independent consultants (also called "contractors") to deliver GROVEWELL's services on an as-needed basis.

The partners are seeking potential new associates who...

  • have years of global business experience, ideally managerial or executive experience in a corporation;
  • are mid- or late-career professionals (all GROVEWELL associates are over age 35); and
  • have extended experience working and living in at least one nation and culture other than his/her own. (Virtually all of our associates are bilingual or trilingual.)

GROVEWELL frequently delivers executive (leadership) coaching worldwide.  If you are an experienced executive or leadership coach, please click here for additional information.

How to Apply to GROVEWELL

If you meet these basic qualifications, you are invited to send hard-copy materials representing yourself to this postal address:

Dr. Cornelius N. Grove
106 Park Place
Brooklyn, New York 11217, USA

Include in your envelope as many items as you like.  Examples include a professional biography and/or resume, one or two published articles, client and coachee testimonials, and so forth.  Send only items on paper.  Do not send CD-ROMs, tapes, or videos, nor copies of your certificates and diplomas.

Unsolicited materials received via e-mail will be discarded.

Unsolicited materials received by letter post will be thoughtfully reviewed by Dr. Cornelius Grove and, if believed worthwhile by him, by Willa Zakin Hallowell as well.

The partners do not seriously consider certain applicants.  The reason why is almost always one or both of these:

  • the individual lacks extensive global business and living experience;
  • the individual is not yet a mid- or late-career professional.

GROVEWELL has a substantial number of active associates who first contacted us in response to this website's invitation, and who were not previously known to either partner, nor to any of the partners' associates or friends.  If in doubt, therefore, please do submit your materials.

GROVEWELL Seeks Experienced Executive Coaches Worldwide

GROVEWELL LLC is seeking senior executive coaches with the following characteristics:

  1. Mature professional (age 35 up), male or female, any ethnic/cultural heritage;
  2. Years of corporate managerial experience including, ideally, P&L responsibility or other "line" leadership experience;
  3. Extended experience working and living in at least one culture other than his/her native culture;
  4. Years of experience coaching executives and high-potential senior managers;
  5. Brings wisdom, presence, and “gravitas” to the role of executive coach;
  6. Ideally, acquainted with research and theory from the intercultural field.

Please also note the following:

  • Only those with years of corporate managerial experience can be considered; highly attractive to us is corporate managerial experience on two or more continents.
  • Only those with successful prior executive coaching experience can be considered.
  • Formal training or certification by a coaching organization is not required for consideration; however, we definitely prefer to have coaches with formal preparation of some kind.
  • We are offering only occasional work on an as-needed, “contractor” basis.

If you continue to be interested in associating with GROVEWELL, please apply as indicated above on this webpage.