<strong>Official Information</strong>

Official Information

Company name Cornelius Grove & Associates, LLC
Doing business as GROVEWELL LLC
Founded on 01 January 1990
Legal status Limited Liability Company in New York State. Registered as such on 30 November 1995.
Owned by Cornelius N. Grove and Willa Zakin Hallowell
U.S. Federal ID 11-3088724
New York State ID 5256071
Dun & Bradstreet ID 835081274
Postal address 106 Park Place, Brooklyn, New York 11217, USA
E-mail address info@grovewell.com
Telephone links phone +1-718-492-1896  /  fax +1-718-492-4005
Internet link www.grovewell.com

For nearly 30 years, GROVEWELL has delivered coaching specialized for corporate global leaders [click here], for professional women [click here], and for expatriate assignees [click here] on six continents.