Our Two Partners


Cornelius N. Grove

A native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Cornelius Grove grew up and attended high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, receiving the B.A. and M.A.T. degrees. The Hopkins faculty honored him as "the student who contributed the most to the life of the university."

Cornelius began his professional career as a secondary school history teacher and guidance counselor in White Plains, New York. After three years, he joined Harcourt Brace & World Publishing Company as an editor and writer. Following similar work for a small publishing firm, he became a technical writer, developing engineers' manuals at the IBM Corporation.

Beginning in 1971, he and his British wife spent two years traveling in Europe and Africa and sojourning in Portugal. Returning to the States, he entered Columbia University and, in 1976, completed a doctorate in intercultural communication. During 1975-1978, he was an administrator of Columbia University's Institute for Urban and Minority Education and an adjunct assistant professor teaching a course (through 1980) entitled "Cross-Cultural Problems in Classroom Communication." During the 1990s, he taught a similar course and an international human resources course at New School University.

In 1978, Cornelius joined AFS Intercultural Programs as director of its research and program development functions, a position he held for 11 years. During this period, his research concentrated on understanding (1) the adjustment process of sojourners and (2) the learning and personal growth of sojourners. He published many professional articles including, with co-author Prof. Ingemar Torbiörn of the University of Stockholm, A New Conceptualization of Intercultural Adjustment and the Goals of Training, which won two major awards for excellence and has been republished several times.

In 1986, Cornelius was a visiting professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University. He taught two graduate courses there and, with Prof. Hu Wenzhong, vice chancellor of the university, began co-authoring a book about cultural differences between Chinese and Americans. Published in 1991, Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans quickly became a best-seller for Intercultural Press. Encountering the Chinese, Third Edition was published in 2010.

In January 1990, Cornelius established Cornelius Grove & Associates in New York City and began consulting on a full-time basis with respect to cross-cultural business issues. He soon entered into a business partnership with anthropologist Willa Hallowell. Their firm, now doing business as GROVEWELL LLC, has more than 50 associates and executive coaches based in some 30 nations around the world.

Cornelius's professional bibliography lists nearly 150 professional articles and books, including Randömia Balloon Factory, a unique business simulation he co-created with Willa Hallowell. In 1998, he was named a Charter Fellow of the prestigious International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR). In 2013, Cornelius was invited to contribute entries for the Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence, published in 2015 by Sage; he wrote ten entries, making him the top contributor to this encyclopedia. More recently, he was invited to contribute entries for the International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication, published in December 2017 by Wiley-Blackwell; he wrote two entries: "Pedagogy Across Cultures"; and "Cognitive Styles Across Cultures."

Cornelius has a career-long interest in worldwide differences in presentation styles as found in school classrooms and business training rooms. His research findings are summarized in the form of a 12-item interactive quiz. His research led to a business-oriented, two-day training event, "Dr. Grove's Toolkit for Effective Presentations to Nationally Mixed Audiences, which has been delivered for global corporations and government agencies. At a conference in Singapore in October 2005, he presented a major paper, Understanding the Two Instructional Style Prototypes: Pathways to Success in Internationally Diverse Classrooms.

During 2007, Cornelius's research interest took a different direction: In June 2013, Rowman & Littlefield published his book, The Aptitude Myth: How an Ancient Belief Came to Undermine Children's Learning Today, in which Cornelius reveals from a historical perspective (600 B.C.E. to 1926) why many Americans tend to think about children's learning in a way that highlights their innate, fixed abilities while deëmphasizing effort and perseverance as a path to learning mastery. For more information, visit TheAptitudeMyth.info.

Cornelius's latest book was published by Rowman & Littlefield in June 2017. The Drive to Learn: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Raising Students Who Excel takes a comparative perspective on the differences between how East Asian and American parents raise their children, and how their values and parenting practices affect children's learning in school. For more information, visit TheDriveToLearn.info.

During 2020, Rowman & Littlefield will publish Cornelius's third book, A Mirror for Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Teaching Students Who Excel. This book is in press, delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information, visit AMirrorForAmericans.info.

Cornelius is married to Christine Martin, an Englishwoman who retired during 2009 from editing Arthritis Self-Management. They live in Brooklyn, New York, and are the parents of three adult sons, each of whom is enjoying a successful business career, and five grandchildren. Cornelius and Christine enjoy miles-long daily walks (they haven't owned a car in 45 years).

Connect with Cornelius via cornelius@access.net, or via Linked-in ("Cornelius N. Grove").


Willa Hallowell

Willa Zakin Hallowell has dedicated her life to understanding people and societies different from her own. A native of New York City, her fascination began during her many extended sojourns in France throughout her childhood. She is fluent in French, conversant in Italian, and has studied Portuguese, Spanish, and Farsi. Willa believes that flexibility, openness, and the ability to put oneself in the place of others are essential to bridging differences.

Willa's interest in other cultures led her to pursue a master's in anthropology from the City University of New York. After several years of teaching anthropology at the university level, Willa left academia to engage more directly with other cultures – as a photographer. Her photographic work, much of it culture-related, allowed her to live among and document the ways of life of the Cuna Indians of Panama, French peasants, and Louisiana Cajuns, among others. In addition to photojournalism, Willa's photographic assignments included advertising, fashion, public relations, and portraiture. Her clients were large corporations as well as magazines. She also taught a popular travel photography workshop at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Wishing to return to more active involvement with anthropology, Willa seized an opportunity in 1990 to deliver corporate training programs to expatriate families. Seeking new ways to apply her anthropological background and overseas living experience, Willa joined cross-cultural authority Dr. Cornelius Grove in a business partnership now known as GROVEWELL LLC. Since 1992, she and Cornelius have completed groundbreaking research on the globalization of diversity (summarized in their paper Globalizing Diversity); co-authored more than 30 professional publications including Randömia Balloon Factory, a unique global business simulation; and built their company into a highly respected deliverer of Global Leadership Solutions within 30 nations on six continents.

Willa's enduring interests and commitments help to account for the specializations of GROVEWELL LLC. She cares deeply about developing people to become globally competent, empathic leaders. This passion inspired GROVEWELL's signature service, Coaching for Global Advantage, which she co-developed with senior associate Kathy Molloy. "CGA" is culturally calibrated and driven by the real-time personal and professional development needs of the global executive or expatriate. For much more information about CGA, visit the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP COACHING portal on this website. Another one of Willa's special interests is the challenges faced by professional women, especially those active in the global arena. Willa has delivered presentations at international conferences regarding both of these interests.

Willa has been coaching business leaders for over 20 years. Her formal development as a coach includes all the foundational courses offered by Coaches Training Institute and several courses offered by the Newfield Network. Then, in April 2013, she completed the intensely demanding, year-long, professional coaching course given by New Ventures West and is proud to now be a "Certified Integral Coach." She believes that NVW's approach to coaching provides the most effective path towards each coachee's transformative change by engaging the whole person: mind, body, heart, and spirit. She continues to be involved in New Ventures West activities and networks. Her role at the nexus of GROVEWELL's global community similarly affords her the privilege of collaborating with, and learning from, "worldwise" senior professionals from a multitude of cultures.

Willa is married to Christopher Hallowell, a professor of journalism at Baruch College and the author of several books and many magazine articles. His first novel, Beneficiaries of Deceit, came out in October 2016. They live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Their daughter Maggie, 34, is the head of the horticultural therapy program at a school for autistic children in North Carolina. Their son Matthew, 37, is a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Tokyo, his third posting; he lives there with his wife, Valeria, and their baby boy, Tern. Willa remains deeply interested in unfamiliar cultures and travels abroad at every opportunity, including annually to France for business and to visit her friends and family.

Connect with Willa via willa@willahallowellcoaching.com, or via Linked-in ("Willa Hallowell").