Expatriate Competence

Expatriate Competence

Cultural competency programs for new expatriates are wise investments because they reduce the inherent risk of sending high-value employees into a totally new work environment while merely hoping that they'll rapidly regain prior levels of performance.

Coaching for Global Advantage, GROVEWELL's culturally calibrated coaching, enables leaders to adapt rapidly and perform effectively while encountering the unfamiliar values, mindsets, and practices of colleagues and counterparts abroad.

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Cultural Competence Coaching for Expatriates

GROVEWELL developed Coaching for Global Advantage because we recognized that our professional field was inspiring programs in which expatriates were given collections of facts about the unfamiliar (host) culture and about the adaptation process.  Such programs inadequately meet the needs of our clients.

The outcome of those programs was cultural awareness.  Cultural awareness is necessary but not sufficient for an assignee abroad to rapidly regain his or her customary effectiveness.  One-on-one coaching is significantly more effective, especially when it draws on two resources for excellence:

  1. EXECUTIVE COACHING, which addresses the coachee's specific challenges, and
  2. INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING, which develops practical cultural competencies.

Effective Cultural Competence Development: The Role of the Coach

There's a third source of GROVEWELL's excellence, too: GROVEWELL's coach.

Our coach must be finely attuned to the coachee and able to flexibly respond to his or her needs within the contexts of culture, community, client, assignment, family, and personality.

Our coach must be resourceful, have a broad repertoire of skills, and possess exceptional empathy gained through personal global living & working experiences.

Finally, our coach must have an mature, experience-based understanding of family dynamics because coaching "trailing spouses" – female or male! – is at least as important as coaching assignees.

GROVEWELL's coaches have business leadership experience in two or more cultures, practiced skill in delivering leadership coaching, and personal maturity gained through a diversity of life experiences (most are 40-50 years old).  No other provider of expat services routinely assigns coaches superior to ours.

Cultural Competence: A Variety of Delivery Modes and Content

Although our quarter-century of service to global corporate clients has emphasized coaching for executives and managers at home and in new environments, we also design and deliver intercultural training, both pre-departure and/or post-arrival, for groups of assignees and/or their accompanying family members.

We also provide coaching that especially designed for these expat assignment challenges:

  • assignees and trailing spouses returning home after living & working abroad
  • assignees and trailing spouses leaving one host country for a new host country
  • children of assignees ("third culture kids") ages 5 through 18 [not available in all world regions]

The above three special competency programs are delivered only as coaching.

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