Cultural Competence Programs for Business Expatriates

Cultural Competence Programs for Business Expatriates

Since the late 1990s, GROVEWELL has been developing and perfecting a method for enhancing the performance of executives, managers, and professionals who are directly involved in business on a global scale, including expatriates on international assignments.

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Coaching for Global Advantage

Coaching for Global Advantage ("CGA") is the name for our performance- and leadership-oriented approach.  CGA unites executive coaching's focus on individual needs with intercultural consulting's practicality and deep understanding of the "how" of cultural competency.  For a full description, please click here.

One-on-one coaching is the best way to attain performance- and leadership-oriented objectives.  Coaching is a face-to-face relationship in which mutual trust is gradually deepened and self-disclosure is gradually broadened, thus allowing the coachee's own performance- and leadership-improvement goals to become the focus.

Our Approach to Coaching for Expatriates

In the case of expatriates, GROVEWELL's Coaching for Global Advantage ("CGA")  assumes that the CGA coach is working with someone very accomplished in his or her home environment who must now regain the capacity for high performance and leadership within a newly encountered (or soon expected) range of business situations unlike those to which he or she is accustomed.  The challenge to our CGA coach is:  How can this individual best be assisted to regain peak performance and leadership?

This kind of coaching requires a person who has not only coaching skills but also a background of actual global leadership experience within a large corporation.  The coach must be alert, flexible, and attuned to the individual, dealing with the coachee's strengths and weaknesses within the contexts of business unit, specific assignment, community, family, and personality.  And the coach must possess empathy gained through maturity and his or her own international experiences.

This is why GROVEWELL insists on employing coaches who have global corporate leadership experience and personal maturity (average age 40-55).  We believe that no other provider of expatriate services routinely assigns coaches who are the equal of ours.

About the Inadequacy of Intercultural Training

We developed our new approach because we recognized that the professional field in which we had our roots, intercultural communication, usually gives participants a collection of facts about the unfamiliar culture and about the adaptation process. This content, although accurate, poorly meets the needs of our client individuals, many of whom are on expatriate assignments, and all of whom are facing an array of interpersonal and global leadership challenges.

GROVEWELL's coachees are determined to attain peak performance in a variety of unfamiliar environments, some at home, some abroad. For these able and highly motivated people, a pre-determined, fact-based training curriculum is far too narrowly conceived.