Intercultural Training for Business Expatriates

Intercultural Training for Business Expatriates

Since the mid-1990s, GROVEWELL has been developing and perfecting a method for enhancing the performance of executives, managers, and professionals who are directly involved in business worldwide. That definitely includes those on international assignments.

Our most effective method involves one-on-one coaching, described below. But a great deal of what we’ve developed for our coaching approach is transferrable to the expatriate training room.

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Coaching for Global Advantage is the name for our performance- and leadership-oriented approach. It unites the focus on individual needs of the executive coaching field with the understanding of the "how" of cultural competency of the intercultural consulting field.

Why is one-on-one coaching the best way to attain performance- and leadership-oriented objectives? Training is helpful. But coaching has the advantage of being a confidential face-to-face relationship in which mutual trust is gradually deepened and self-disclosure is gradually broadened, thus allowing the coachee's own performance- and leadership-improvement goals to become the focus.

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In the case of expatriate assignees, GROVEWELL's Coaching for Global Advantage begins with a professional who not only has coaching and/or training skills but also a background of leadership experience in a global corporation.

Our coach is flexibly attuned to the coachee as an individual with needs and goals, and as a bearer of his or her own native culture. Our coach takes into account the coachee’s contexts of business unit, specific assignment, community, family, personality, and unique challenges.

The premise of all our work with expats is that our trainer or coach is working with someone very accomplished in his or her home culture who needs to regain the capacity for high performance and inspiring leadership here, in the new culture. In one sentence, the challenge is...

"How can this individual best be supported, here, to regain peak performance and leadership?"


GROVEWELL insists on employing coaches and trainers – they are often the same individuals – who have global corporate leadership experience, personal warmth and empathy, seasoned maturity (average age 40-55), and years of previous success as a coach and/or trainer. No other provider of expatriate services routinely assigns coaches who are the equal of ours.

For nearly 30 years, GROVEWELL has delivered coaching and training that is specialized for corporate global leaders [click here], for professional women [click here], and for expatriate assignees and their families [click here] on six continents.