Intercultural Training for Female Expatriates

Intercultural Training for Female Expatriates

Under the leadership of partner Willa Hallowell, GROVEWELL has long taken a particular interest in the challenges facing female assignees, that is, women assigned by their employer to live and work in an unfamiliar nation and culture.

Through extended formal interviews, dozens of individual coaching sessions, and many long-term personal friendships with female assignees from the U.S. and abroad, Ms. Hallowell developed a deep understanding of not only their challenges but also of their advantages as managers and professionals immersed in cultures abroad.

Ms. Hallowell is the principal developer of Coaching for Global Advantage, GROVEWELL's signature service.  This innovative approach to improving coachees' cultural competency and performance in an unfamiliar environment is applied in GROVEWELL's coaching of female expatriates.

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