Our Expatriation Process

Our Expatriation Process

GROVEWELL recommends Coaching for Global Advantage, our signature service, for global business assignees and (if any) their spouses or partners.  For full information about this innovative methodology, click here.

We also have experience delivering group training for expats and their spouses/partners; click here for details.

To visit GROVEWELL's cornerstone explanation of expatriate training, click here.

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The Deliverers of GROVEWELL's Expat Coaching

Every GROVEWELL expatriate coach and trainer is a person of exceptional maturity, experience, and capacity for caring.  The average age of our coaches is 45+. All have global business experienced.  Virtually all have been expatriates themselves.

GROVEWELL's partners are confident that no other consultancy consistently assigns expatriate coaches who are as ideally qualified to work with corporate assignees. To read 400-word professional biographies of all GROVEWELL associates and coaches) worldwide, click here.

The partners insist that, for each expatriate training and coaching engagement, GROVEWELL makes available two competencies. One is understanding of, and capacity to deliver, our signature Coaching for Global Advantage.  The second competency is extensive business and living experience in the target country.  In pre-departure coaching and training sessions, this sometimes needs to be provided by a second service deliverer, a "resource person."  GROVEWELL's partners maintain high standards for resource people, especially in terms of the recency and relevance of their business experience in the target country.

Two Options for Expatriate Coaching Delivery

GROVEWELL's two days of expatriate coaching should be separated by several weeks.  Two options enable this to occur:

The point of these two diagrams is not to say that the two coaching sessions must occur at any precise time, but to note the importance of their being separated by several weeks.

If a client firm requests only pre-departure coaching (not illustrated above), we will deliver that service only. But we don't recommend it.  Post-arrival coaching is far more useful in developing global leadership skills that are quickly applicable in the host country.

When a client firm requests only one day of coaching, we will deliver that service only. For some clients, we separate the day into two half-days, one prior to the expat's departure, and one following his or her arrival in the host country.

Coordination of Cross-Border Coaching

When the two coaching sessions are in different nations, the two coaches are in direct contact with each other to insure continuity and individualized responsiveness in our service delivery.  GROVEWELL partner Willa Hallowell oversees the cross-border communication and coordination process.

Our Expatriate Participant Manuals

During the portion of our coaching that is focused on adaptation to host values and culture, GROVEWELL uses its own participant manual.  All of our manuals emphasize value differences and how these impact interactions with colleagues in the host country.  Our manuals may be good, but our coaches are often reminded that their responsibility is to enhance coachee performance and leadership capacity, not to cover the manual.

As the coaching progresses more and more towards the development of global leadership competencies for application in the host business unit, our manual usually is set aside.  This portion of our work is classic executive (or leadership) coaching, guided by GROVEWELL's Coaching for Global Advantage methodology.

Coaching for the Assignee's Spouse or Partner

The adaptation portion of our coaching is designed and intended for both the assignee and (if any) his or her spouse or domestic partner.  Both are present during most or all of the adaptation coaching.  When the attention shifts to the development of leadership competencies, only the assignee is present. For more information, please click here.