Our Repatriation Process

Our Repatriation Process

GROVEWELL provides one day of face-to-face repatriation coaching for an individual or a family returning home from an assignment abroad.  This day is one step of a process that, in many cases, lasts two to four months.

We are convinced, based on long experience, that repatriation programs should be delivered as coaching. However, we are willing to provide repatriation training for small groups.

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Steps in GROVEWELL's Repatriation Process

  1. An arrangement is made by your employer for you and (if any) your family members to benefit from GROVEWELL's repatriation coaching process.
  2. GROVEWELL becomes acquainted with your schedule, overall situation, and personal concerns.  This information is gathered to some extent from your employer's HR staff, and to some extent directly from you (by e-mail or phone).
  3. A decision is made concerning whether your day of face-to-face coaching will be most conveniently delivered a few weeks after you arrive back in your home country, or a few weeks before you depart from your host country.
  4. Information about your repatriation coach as well as her contact coordinates are made available to you.  You may raise questions or discuss concerns with your coach at any time. In the case of some GROVEWELL client companies, our coach previously delivered coaching for you and your family, and therefore already is well known to you.
  5. Your day of face-to-face coaching occurs. Our coach travels to you, with the result that this day of coaching occurs in the comfort of your own home.
  6. Following your day of coaching, you are encouraged to contact your coach by phone regarding any questions, concerns, or new challenges that you might have.

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Our coaching for families who are relocating to a new host country (instead of returning to their home country) are different from our regular repatriation programs.