Programs for Spouses & Third Culture Kids

Expatriate coaching is now being delivered by Willa Hallowell Coaching.

The most common reason for the on-the-job failure or "brownout" of expats is the unhappiness of their spouse or partner with the day-to-day reality of living abroad. Unhappiness is more likely to occur if the spouse/partner was employed back home but isn't able to be employed abroad.

Discontented children can equally become seriously preoccupying for an expat manager.

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GROVEWELL's experience suggests that the coaching of globally mobile children and adolescents – often called Third Culture Kids or TCKs – is best delivered by certain rare individuals who have a passion and a "gift" for this type of work. At GROVEWELL, we've found a few of them.

Children's coaching may be provided for one or more children who are members of a single family and are between the ages of 5 and 18. Coaching is appropriate both at the beginning of a family's expatriate experience, and at the end as well as a component of repatriation coaching.

This coaching is a full day engagement. It is delivered in the parent's home or apartment while at least one of the parents is at home. As the day draws to a close, our children's coach spends up to an hour with the parent(s), reviewing the children's adaptation challenges and suggesting beneficial approaches and activities for parental support.

Children's coaching is separately arranged and separately invoiced. It is typical for the children's coaching to occur during the same day as the parents' intercultural coaching, which means that two GROVEWELL coaches are simultaneously engaged in the assignee's home.

Access our process for initiating services. Or visit our testimonials for Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching.


At GROVEWELL, all expatriate training and coaching includes attention to spouses and partners, female and male.  We pay special attention to the special challenges of non-employed spouses, especially if they had been employed before leaving their home community.

What GROVEWELL's associates bring to their work with spouses and partners are...

  • understanding of the challenges they face, supported by an extensive research base;
  • direct personal experience of expatriation in an unfamiliar country and culture;
  • commitment to help spouses/partners find satisfaction in their non-employed roles; and
  • ability to mentor those spouses and partners who secure employment in the host country.

An unsolicited testimonial from an Indian assignee in the U.S. reads in part as follows...

"We [Mr. Bhanushali and his wife] would like to thank you for an excellent [two-session] workshop, "Gateway to the USA."  We went to this workshop with a lot of inhibition, but looking back I can say that this was the most useful workshop I ever attended.  It just changed our lives in the U.S. The first workshop, which addressed our transition to U.S. culture, was outstanding.  The second transformed our personal relationship and helped us to understand each other and cope with the changes that [the wife] was facing.  Moreover, it insured my professional success. The program for [daughter] was fantastic...."

Amar Bhanushali, Johnson & Johnson



Our Uncomplicated Process Additional Information about Each Step
Contact us by email, phone, or the Learn More button. We'll need your location, the number of participants, and the purpose of the service.
We'll try to assign a service deliverer in your area. Depending on the purpose of the service, our deliverer will need to travel to/from your site.
Fees depend on days & number of service deliverers. We rarely set fees based on number of participants. However, see the next line below.
We request no more than 20 trainees per session. If you have over 20 trainees, we will expect either a second session or a second trainer.
GROVEWELL has no contract that you must sign. We do expect to receive a purchase order from you (or other payment guarantee).



  • Clients arrange for our coaching, consulting, or training services by means of either a formal contracting processes or an informal agreement. We adapt to each client’s requirements. We do not require a contract.
  • Our fees are set by the number of deliverers and the duration of the services. (We rarely charge on a per-participant basis.) For a half-day or less of on-client-site services, we charge 75% of our full day rate.
  • Additional fees might apply in some cases, such as for development, customization, or materials design. Any expenses – deliverer travel, materials shipping, etc. – are passed on to our client at cost.
  • We authorize services to occur after we receive verification from our client that our invoices will be honored. Usually, verification occurs by means of a Purchase Order number.
  • For details, contact Cornelius Grove using the Learn More button, or phone him at +1-718-492-1896.