Repatriation Programs and Consulting

Repatriation Programs and Consulting

Expatriation is the expected encounter with the unfamiliar. Repatriation is the unexpected encounter with the familiar.
"Homecoming: Seizing the Opportunity" is a 2- to 4-month GROVEWELL service culminating in a one-day coaching workshop that often occurs after the assignee and (if any) family are back in their home country.  This service is of several months' duration because GROVEWELL contacts and supports the family before its departure from the host country.

The one-day "Homecoming" coaching workshop sometimes occurs about a month after the family's return to its home country.  Services end when, about a month after the workshop, the coach phones the family and offers follow-up coaching support.

Alternatively, GROVEWELL can deliver the 1-day coaching workshop before the family's return to its home country.  For details about GROVEWELL's process, click here.

GROVEWELL's long experience in delivering this service reveals that many repatriating families have issues that require confidential airing with a trusted advisor.  Therefore, we offer this service for one family at a time, that is, not as a group training event.

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Objectives of our repatriation services for individuals and families

  • to prepare before returning for the unexpected adjustment hurdles affecting returnees;
  • to deal with the issues common to returning employees, spouses, teenagers, and children;
  • to rapidly regain the assignee's usual high level of performance on behalf of the company;
  • to create a action plan for seizing the advantages gained by living and working abroad.

GROVEWELL's services are focused on the timely re-adaptation of each family member.  GROVEWELL's coach is a mature professional with global business experience who has been an adult member of a repatriating family on at least one occasion. Special repatriation coaching for children and teenagers is also available.

I met with [name of returning expatriate] today.  She, her husband, and daughter were very pleased with the Repatriation Workshop.  They are happy and excited as they anticipate their return to China.  The workshop has helped them in many more ways than they expected.  Thank you for your help on this.

Connie Espiritu-De Lorimier, Johnson & Johnson
Email to GROVEWELL's partners, June 2006

Corporate Repatriation Consulting

It has long been known that recently repatriated employees have a high rate of turnover.  "Repats" who leave their company are senior, experienced, capable people who prove hard to replace.  Inevitably, some end up working for a competitor.

If your focus on your firm's long-term global objectives, then it makes sense to think of all your expatriates as people who are not only doing work abroad but also acquiring valuable knowledge and skills — competencies your firm could make use of.  After all, it paid for the acquisition of those competencies!

Using a recently repatriated employees' experience and competence involves both giving them globally-oriented new assignments and finding ways to capture their knowledge, apply it as appropriate, and disseminate it for use by other employees who are working to help your firm expand worldwide.

If you engage GROVEWELL to consult with your firm regarding repatriation, this investment perspective is what our associates will bring to you.  You'll be happy because you'll be harnessing already-paid-for potential.  The returnees will be happy because it's their potential being harnessed.