Professional Women’s Coaching

Professional Women’s Coaching

Willa Hallowell, originator of Coaching for Global Advantage ("CGA") and one of GROVEWELL's two partners, has paid sustained attention to the prospects for professional women in the global economy.  She and CGA co-developer Kathy Molloy apply the CGA approach to promote (a) the personal and professional growth of women and (b) the effective application of women's contributions by the organizations that employ them.  The powerful impact of this service is due to Ms. Hallowell and Ms. Molloy's perspective, which is broadly informed by research disciplines including...

  • anthropology
  • human evolution
  • brain functioning
  • physiology
  • thinking and learning styles
  • emotional competence
  • social capital
  • intercultural communication

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Beyond Being Supplicants in a Male-Dominated World

The outcome for GROVEWELL's coachees is an approach and mindset that sidesteps "Female empowerment!" and "Break the glass ceiling!" thinking, indeed sidesteps and moves beyond any implication that, after all is said and done, women remain supplicants in a male-dominant corporate world.

GROVEWELL's perspective is that females and males are different, a fact that is fortunate indeed for those corporations able to leverage women's unique talents, points of view, and life cycles.  To gain and maintain long-term global growth, businesses need the capabilities that women tend to possess more than men.  For when women are being naturally effective, they are exhibiting skills that are directly useful in enabling globalizing businesses to be effective.

Many observers have noted the potential of women to bring to organizations a set of values and interactional styles indispensable for sustained success in the global economy.  GROVEWELL knows how to help women and their employers to turn that potential into profitable reality.

Women in Anthropological Perspective

When women's roles are studied in anthropological perspective (not merely in recent historical time, as often is the case), they are found to have had strong economic roles complimentary of men's roles.  In evolutionary time, men and women have played a wide variety of roles vis-à-vis each other in order to raise children and get all sorts of hard work done.

Ultimately, women's most useful contribution to the global economy is not merely to press for new policies and procedures (such as expanded maternity and paternity leave), but rather to seek to gradually transform the assumptions, the metaphors, and the core values by which global businesses make decisions and allocate human and material resources.

Will men need to change for this to occur?  Of course.  But now that women in substantial numbers are entrenched inside many global businesses, with at least some of them in leadership roles, they have a foothold to begin leveraging this type of broad transformation.

GROVEWELL's coaching enables women to figure out how to do this within their own corporate culture.

Before your firm rolls out coaching for executive and managerial women, shouldn't you talk with us?