Global Competency Modeling

Global Competency Modeling

Competencies are the knowledge, behavioral skills, and personal attributes required for excellent performance in a role, function, or specific business.  Competency development is especially important for leadership development.

Global competencies are what we speak of when the role, function, or business is outside of the company's home culture, or when it involves sustained contact with people from one or more unfamiliar cultures.  Global competencies form the database for Global Human Resources performance management.

Global competency development is the carefully crafted process of data-gathering about your firm's own managers and employees as they go about their daily work.  The goal is to build an accurate understanding of the skills, knowledge, and attributes required for outstanding performance in your company worldwide, in these actual roles, functions, or businesses.

A global competency model is a system of tailored competencies and their applications for the purpose of aligning the performance of employees, worldwide, with the goals of their organization.  Global competency models enable a firm's decision-makers to wisely select, develop, deploy, align, and evaluate people who build worldwide business linkages that improve the company's revenues.

Global competency models are behavior-based performance standards against which people and units can be aligned and measured.  They provide a behavioral vision for the kinds of performance necessary to successfully implement business strategies for global revenue growth.

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Benefits of Competency-Based Global Selection Tools

As noted above, global competency models enable decision-makers to wisely select, develop, deploy, align, and evaluate people in global context.

Consider the case of an organization that has an open global position (e.g., Regional Sales Manager).  Clearly, it will be efficient and effective if someone can be selected, whether internally and externally, who already has many of the key competencies for success in this position.

To that end, it will be useful to define a consistent selection process and to provide tools such as screening interview protocols, in depth assessment interview protocols, and forms for perceptively comparing candidates, among many possibilities.

GROVEWELL's consultants help organizations attain these selection objectives by:

  • carefully crafting the selection process,
  • developing the assessment tools, and
  • providing training in selection interviewing.

In the absence of assistance of this type, hiring managers may rely too heavily on their intuitive feelings about a candidate; they often unconsciously hire people who are similar to themselves but who lack critical competencies for on-the-job success.

Global Selection Tools: GROVEWELL's Services

  • If necessary, development of a research-based, global competency model uniquely applicable to the client firm's requirements.
  • Development of a selection process for one or more key organizational jobs, roles, or functions
  • Development of assessment tools to support the selection process (e.g., résumé review criteria; interview, assessment, and reference-check protocols; candidate comparison tool)
  • Development and delivery of training in "behavioral interviewing."
  • Follow-up support for hiring personnel in the behavioral interview training program

Because all services are uniquely customized for the client, the above list is suggestive only.

Benefits of 360º Feedback in Competency Assessments

Designed to aid in accurately assessing an individual's a competencies, 360º feedback consists of ratings and comments from his or her coworkers (supervisors, peers, direct reports, internal or external customers, others as appropriate).

GROVEWELL's process begins when a survey designed to assess the individual's competencies is administered on-line to 10 to 16 of his or her co-workers. The individual (often but not always a unit leader) completes a self-assessment.  All responses are used to generate a feedback report, which is presented to the individual by a GROVEWELL's consultant, an expert at analyzing feedback reports and holding feedback sessions. The individual uses the feedback to identify his or her strengths and areas of developmental need, and to prepare a professional development plan.

Feedback of this type is important because most individuals receive little or no performance-related feedback from co-workers. Many employees therefore have a limited or incorrect understanding of their own strengths and development needs.  So they are unlikely to be able to prepare accurate plans to upgrade their own competencies.

360º Feedback: GROVEWELL's Services

  • Development of a 360º feedback survey based on the organization's own competency model
  • Web-based administration of the survey to each participant and 10 to 16 raters
  • Preparation of a 360º feedback report displaying scores on each competency and on the behaviors used to assess the competency
  • Development of content for a Resource Guide describing a wide range of activities for the development of each competency
  • If requested, mapping the Resource Guide to a web-based developmental tool
  • Training the organization's HR and/or leadership development staff to hold feedback and development planning sessions

Because all services are uniquely customized for each client, the above list is suggestive only.