Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication is about people who get involved with others who have differing mindsets, values, and patterns of relationships. Today, much is known about the skills one needs to work productively with others who are culturally different.

Equally important, much is known about how such skills can be developed in, then put into practice by, corporate business people whose day-to-day responsibilities involve communication and collaboration with dissimilar others.

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Intercultural Communication and Global Business Effectiveness

Is there any large organization whose success is not dependent, at least in part, on the quality of the relationships its leaders and employees maintain with colleagues and customers from unfamiliar backgrounds? Such differences often are framed in terms of national cultures, but they also can involve ethnicity, gender, age – indeed, any factor that leads to conflicting values and behavior patterns.

It’s true that the profession of intercultural communication originally focused on differences among national cultures. Nevertheless, the competencies that interculturalists developed are applicable to a wide range of situations in which people with deeply held differences must cooperate to attain shared objectives.

Most of the research that has yielded this expertise was carried out – and continues to be carried out – in global business contexts. Entire university departments, professional journals, conferences, and globe-spanning consultancies are specifically dedicated to enabling businesspeople in the international arena to develop better working relationships and become adaptable global leaders, both at home and abroad.

Grovewell's Contributions to Intercultural Communication

Founded in 1990, GROVEWELL specializes in delivering Global Leadership Solutions to its clients. A small but globe-spanning consultancy, GROVEWELL is unique in that its two founders, who continue today as its owner-operators, are an interculturalist and an anthropologist.

GROVEWELL’s associates, who are based in 31 nations on six continents, all have lived outside of their native cultures and have significant experience as leaders in large global businesses. Almost all are bilingual; many are multilingual. GROVEWELL’s associates have learned through experience to become effective intercultural communicators, honing their competencies within global business environments.

Whether as facilitators, coaches, or consultants, GROVEWELL’s associates know that the most effective methods to help others gain intercultural communication competence are

  • to focus on culture’s intangible features – assumptions, values, expectations, patterns of behavior, mindsets, etc. – instead of its material and visible features, and
  • to focus on developing cultural self-knowledge as much as knowledge of the culture of one’s unfamiliar counterparts.


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