<strong>Global Leadership Coaching</strong>

Global Leadership Coaching

To learn about GROVEWELL's worldwide global leadership coaching corporate services, click here.

What Is "Global Leadership Coaching"?, by W. Hallowell, K. Molloy, & C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 2003. This is GROVEWELL's basic statement about what "global" should mean whenever one speaks of global leadership coaching. To read, click here.

SURVEY ON GLOBAL LEADERSHIP READINESS (SGLR), by C. Grove & Richard Mansfield. [An inexpensive, on-line, 360° self-assessment and self-development instrument for global leaders] GROVEWELL, 2002. For more information, click here.

Values-Based Coaching: Building Synergy in a Complex World, by Maureen B. Rabotin. Choice Magazine on-line, Vol. 8, No. 1 [Choice-online.com], 2010. To read, click here.

Coaching with Confucian Values: Reflections on Coaching Asian-Americans, by Lorraine Wearley, GROVEWELL, 2006. To read, click here.

Coaching Leaders: Guiding People Who Guide Others, 312-page book by Daniel White. Jossey-Bass, 2006. [Does not specifically address global executive coaching]. For publisher's information, click here.

Executive Coachee Challenges & Resolutions Drawn from Actual Coaching Sessions, complied by Willa Zakin Hallowell. [Twenty specific challenges and their resolutions through coaching]. GROVEWELL, 2004. To read, click here.

Building Global Business Relationships: The Roles of Social Captial, Emotional Competence, and Intercultural Communication Skill, by C. Grove. GROVEWELL, 2001. To read, click here.