GLOBE Leadership Research

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GROVEWELL LLC was an early adopter of the GLOBE Research Project's findings, which provided fresh and revealing insights into business leadership in 62 nations. As a service, GROVEWELL provides two overview articles and three main articles to enable interested readers to more readily comprehend the GLOBE research.

GLOBE is the acronym for Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness.

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Articles listed below are immediately available on a click-to-read basis.

Overview Articles about the GLOBE Project

The GLOBE Research Project: A 1000-word Précis. GROVEWELL, 2004.

Nine Highlights from the GLOBE Project's Findings. GROVEWELL, 2005.

Main Articles about the GLOBE Project

Introduction to the GLOBE Research on Leadership Worldwide. . GROVEWELL, 2005.

Leadership Style Variations Across Cultures: Overview of GLOBE Research. GROVEWELL, 2005.

Worldwide Differences in Business Values & Practices: Overview of GLOBE Findings. GROVEWELL, 2005.


  • GROVEWELL has never had any direct relationship to the GLOBE Project. Nor has GROVEWELL had access to the GLOBE database or to GLOBE research protocols. GROVEWELL does not have access to these items.
  • GROVEWELL makes these articles available as a public service. GROVEWELL has received nothing of value for preparing and posting these articles. These articles have not been approved by the GLOBE researchers.
  • The articles above are a condensation/simplification of the 818-page book by Robert J. House et al. entitled Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies. Sage Publications, 2004.
  • The more recent GLOBE-related publication is a 431-page book by Robert J. House et al. entitled Strategic Leadership Across Cultures: The GLOBE Study of CEO Leadership. Sage Publications, 2014.
  • Available is a short YouTube video presentation on the main national-culture findings of GLOBE.
  • Please direct all GLOBE-related questions to Dr. Peter W. Dorfman via his website or his LinkedIn page.