<strong>Executive Coaching</strong>

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Global Advantage is GROVEWELL’s executive coaching. It better enables executives to adapt, communicate, lead, build relationships, and negotiate globally.

GROVEWELL’s executive coaching was developed by corporate anthropologists with international experience. It’s been perfected during engagements with leaders worldwide.

Ours is the only brand of executive coaching crafted to be global-minded in content and delivery. It is not a Made-in-America product that’s “global” merely in distribution.

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Leaders who have proven successful at home find that abroad there are differing expectations about leadership and management – indeed, about all types of relationships. New global leaders question old beliefs: How does delegation of authority work? What’s the practical meaning of “deadline”? How do people get promoted? What are the steps in decision-making? What priorities should my business embrace?

To be an effective global leader, one must be equipped with an expanded set of competencies and open-minded, flexible, resilient, and slow to criticize. Cultural differences are subtle, hidden in the nuances of relationships, obscured by politeness and face-saving. One can discover too late that he or she is sharing objectives with others who have very different ideas about how to attain them.

What those expanded competencies are, and how best to help businesspeople acquire them, are questions that GROVEWELL has devoted itself to answering since the early 1990s as we delivered executive coaching more than 1,000 business leaders from across six continents.


GROVEWELL is distinguished by its coaches. Helping leaders acquire new competencies requires coaches who have years of international corporate leadership experience, coaches who haven’t only worked abroad but who’ve also lived abroad for extended periods of time.

GROVEWELL's coaches have that experience. So they understand that businesspeople from different cultures have widely differing reactions to the possibility, and the reality, of partnering with an executive coach to enhance their capacities. Because of their global experience, our coaches are able to culturally calibrate their deliveries to resonate with each coachee’s cultural perspectives as well as with their need for expanded competencies.

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In order for genuinely global executive coaching to deliver enduring value, attention must be paid within each locale to the nuances of the coach-coachee relationship; to its overall approach, pacing, content, and process; and even to the values, practices, and social expectations that underlie commercial activity within that region.


That's why two professions — executive coaching and intercultural consulting — have made indispensable contributions to this innovative area of practice. In GROVEWELL's case, those two contributions have yielded our unique brand: Coaching for Global Advantage.

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  • An expanded and more versatile global leadership repertoire
  • An enhanced set of competencies for leadership across cultures
  • More respectful, productive relationships with diverse colleagues
  • Self-correcting behavior when encountering an unfamiliar culture
  • Effective, accelerated transitions into new roles and environments
  • Capacity to deliver intentionally sophisticated leadership worldwide.

For nearly 30 years, GROVEWELL has delivered coaching specialized for corporate global leaders [click here], for professional women [click here], and for expatriate assignees [click here] on six continents.

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It's GROVEWELL's ready-to-deliver, 2- or 3-day, introductory course for leaders with little global experience.

The Basics


  • GROVEWELL coaches are based in or near major business centers in 30 nations across six continents.
  • Clients arrange for our services by means of either a formal contracting processes or an informal agreement. We adapt to each client’s requirements.
  • We authorize coaching to begin after we receive verification that our invoices will be honored. Usually, we receive a Purchase Order number from our client.
  • In most cases, our coach travels to work face-to-face with the coachee in the latter’s office or home.
  • Our fees are by the hour (plus expenses, if any). Fees begin at USD $500 per hour.
  • The principal determinant of our fee is the hierarchical level of the coachee within our client’s organization.
  • For details, contact Cornelius Grove using the Learn More button, or phone +1-718-492-1896.