Expanding Your Repertoire of Global Leadership Styles

Expanding Your Repertoire of Global Leadership Styles

When a business globalizes or accelerates its on-going globalization, it encounters challenges quantitatively and qualitatively different from those it faced during its relatively homogeneous past.

Since 1990, GROVEWELL's mission on behalf of business leaders has been to prepare them to lead effectively across differences in values, mindsets, and practices.  In addition to traditional leadership development approaches, our focus is on helping leaders grasp how, in other nations, work actually gets done and trusting relationships are built and maintained.

In short, we upgrade leaders' repertoire for effectively responding to the relationship, communication, and trust-related challenges of physical distance and cultural difference, essentials for global success.

GROVEWELL LLC is one of the earliest adopters/appliers of the findings of the 62-nation, 11-year GLOBE research project on the cross-cultural dimensions of leadership.  For GROVEWELL's interpretative overview of the GLOBE Project's findings, click here.

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The Need for Expanded Global Leadership Repertoires

Way back in 1994, a Rand Report entitled Global Preparedness and Human Resources concluded that. . .

a corporate global strategy entails an increased need to understand and be able to interact with representatives of other cultures.  For example, it may be required for adapting products and services to new markets [or] for marketing and selling them....  Or it may be required for cooperating with a non-U.S. partner firm, working with a cross-cultural team, or capturing a sizable share of business from ethnically distinct market segments within the U.S.

Competencies such as these are now in far greater demand than they were a quarter century ago.  This demand is precisely what GROVEWELL satisfies in its consulting, coaching, and leadership training work.

Global Leadership Training: Sample Objectives

GROVEWELL delivers a wide variety of customized global management and cross-cultural leadership training workshops to meet the requirements of its client companies.  Our interactive workshops delve into themes relevant to executives, managers, professionals, and supervisors who are, or soon will be, playing critical roles as their firms fully embrace this century's relentless globalization.  Among our training's many possible objectives are:

  • To anticipate the constraints of American management styles in overseas settings.
  • To practice productive collaboration with, and effective leadership of, counterparts abroad.
  • To apply the GLOBE Framework for analyzing value and behavior differences in business leadership.
  • To practice behavioral techniques for responding appropriately to value differences.
  • To gain simulated experience of contrasting management and communication styles.
  • To become familiar with business practices and cultural styles of a nation or world region.
  • To learn to manage the effects of group homogeneity and heterogeneity within teams.

Workshops are one, two, or three days in duration.  In some cases, the days of a multi-day workshop may be separated by several weeks, during which attendees try out new perspectives and behaviors.

Training events developed and delivered by GROVEWELL are interactive, affording participants opportunity to practice skills in a supportive environment, to apply learning to case examples, and to benefit from coaching by peers and facilitators. GROVEWELL's training also makes available many blended-learning possibilities; for details, click here.

NOTE: In cultures where highly interactive training is contrary to prevailing expectations, or with people from such cultures, our trainers will make appropriate style adjustments in consultation with our local client.