Leadership Training

Leadership Training

For nearly three decades, GROVEWELL's global leadership training has expanded the global leadership repertoires of corporate managers and executives.

Our training has better enabled them to respond, intentionally as well as effectively, to global relationship challenges such as leadership, trust, communication, and negotiation.

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GROVEWELL's menu of offerings falls into two categories:

  • GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS. This is a 2- or 3-day, ready-to-deliver, introductory course for leaders with little global experience. You'll find details at Global Leadership Essentials.
  • CROSS-CULTURAL PROGRAMS in Leadership & Management. These are aligned with your company's needs and target regions. For examples, click any of the bullet-points above-right.

We address objectives such as these in our global leadership training programs:

  • Anticipating the constraints inherent in one's home-grown management style.
  • Collaborating productively with, and effectively influencing, one's global counterparts.
  • Acquiring cultural competence for responding empathetically to mindset differences.
  • Gaining simulated experience with a variety of communication and relationship styles.
  • Becoming familiar with the business practices and cultural styles of targeted nations.
  • Leveraging a mix of human differences to attain high performing global teams.

Global leadership training is not identical to cross-cultural training for international assignees ("expatriates"). You'll find information about the latter at our Expatriate Training portal.

Two basic types of global leadership training:

  1. Culture-general training introduces the “culture concept.” This refers to the way culture is understood by anthropologists, interculturalists, and others who study culture professionally.
  2. Culture-specific training addresses the interactions among people from different cultural backgrounds (e.g., French and Chinese). This training enables participants to develop new behaviors and skills for productive work-related and social interactions.

Culture-general training may be delivered on a stand-alone basis. However, global businesses need leaders in one specific culture to be effective and productive in daily interactions with counterparts in another specific culture.

Therefore, immediately applicable training begins with culture-general training because it introduces the culture concept. It continues with culture-specific training because it addresses ways of building trust, communicating effectively, and leading convincingly across boundaries.


GROVEWELL’s trainers have years of experience living & working abroad as well as leading teams and units of global corporations. Many have held senior posts with P&L responsibility. Most are bi- or trilingual. Almost all have undergone formal preparation in training and/or coaching.

Therefore, our trainers are able to bring experience-honed wisdom to leadership training engagements. They also bring "heart." They insure that participants practice using a global mindset and applying competencies that are effective in their target regions.

Unlike most other global leadership training offerings, GROVEWELL's programs are deliberately crafted to be global. Our leadership training is not a “Made-in-America” product exported for consumption globally.


  • Clients arrange for our global leadership training services by means of either a formal contracting processes or an informal agreement. We adapt to each client’s requirements. We do not require an elaborate contract.
  • Our fees are largely determined by the number of trainers and the duration of the training. (We do not charge on a per-participant basis.) For a half-day or less of on-client-site leadership training, we charge 75% of our full day rate.
  • Additional fees might apply in some cases, such as for development, customization, or materials design. Any expenses – trainer travel, materials shipping, etc. – are passed on to our client at cost.
  • We authorize training to occur after we receive verification from our client that our invoices will be honored. Usually, verification occurs by means of a Purchase Order number.
  • For details, contact managing partner Cornelius Grove using the Learn More button, or phone him at +1-718-492-1896.