Influencing in Global Organizations

Influencing in Global Organizations

"Influencing Colleagues Across Organizational Units & Mindsets" is a 1.5- or 2-day training event developed by GROVEWELL. 

Our program meets the need for training that builds influencing skills that are genuinely global and matrix-savvy.  By "genuinely global" we mean "directly addressing cultural differences across business-unit, corporate, and national mindsets."

This program is based on the six-step process model of business authorities Allen R. Cohen & David L. Bradford as elaborated in Influence Without Authority, 2nd Ed. (JosseyBass, 2005).

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Learning / Performance Objectives

  • to identify ways for participants to enter an influencing situation prepared to gain the respect of, identify options for reciprocity with, and collaborate effectively with colleagues or counterparts whom they would like to influence.
  • to better enable participants to become aware of their own misperceptions, prejudices, and other barriers that can hinder one's attainment of the first objective.
  • to learn how to attain both objectives above across a variety of boundaries such as the values, work styles, goals, and mindsets of different teams, hierarchical levels, business functions, operating companies, and national & ethnic cultures.

Course Outline

Day 1. Working in a Global Environment: The Intercultural Component

The first day's work focuses on the intercultural perspective as applied in the world of global business; it is a prerequisite for attendance of Day 2.  Day 1 may be a half-day in duration.  Day 1 ends with a homework assignment for participants, individually and in teams, in preparation for Day 2.

Day 2.  Influencing Colleagues Across Organizational Units & Mindsets

This full day of learning and practice is structured according to the six-step Cohen/Bradford model:

  1. Assume All Are Potential Allies
  2. Clarify Your Goals and Priorities
  3. Diagnose the World of the Other Person
  4. Identify Relevant Currencies, Theirs & Yours
  5. Deal with Relationships
  6. Influence Through Give & Take

Emphasis is placed on Steps 3, 4, and 5, which involve skillbuilding.  Step 6 is a skill-application exercise of at least an hour's duration, based on participants' influencing challenges.

GROVEWELL's Influencing Colleagues program was one of the few trainings that had a real impact on the day-to-day interactions we have and the tasks we need to accomplish at work as well as in our personal lives.  Excellent trainer, excellent insight into the various aspects of working multinationally in matrix organizations, very valuable personal input to all the people who attended.

Georgia Lazana, European Information Technology Director, Cordis EMEA