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Testimonials about COACHING FOR GLOBAL ADVANTAGE, our signature brand of genuinely global leadership coaching, also applicable for newly arrived expatriates.

Testimonials about Cross-Cultural Adaptability Coaching, our customized, locally relevant way of coaching expatriates and their family members (including children).

Testimonials about Training and Consulting Services, our non-coaching services such as leadership and intercultural training, intercultural consulting, and program development.

Testimonials from GROVEWELL's own associates about their experiences working with GROVEWELL.



"[My wife and I] would like to thank you for an excellent workshop, organized by GROVEWELL. We went to this workshop with a lot of inhibition, but looking back I can say that this was the most useful workshop I ever attended. It...changed our outlook and perspective on the U.S., both personally and professionally. We have seen dramatic results after each workshop. The first workshop, which addressed our transition to U.S. culture, was outstanding. The second workshop transformed our personal relationship and helped us to understand each other and cope with the changes that [his wife] was facing. Moreover, it insured my professional success. The program for [their young son] was fantastic.... We sincerely appreciate the passion that was demonstrated by [GROVEWELL's coaches]. Their deep understanding of different cultures and involvement in helping us was outstanding. Thanks for such an outstanding coach and vendor."

Amar Bhanushali, e-mail to his supervisor

"When I think about my assignment from Brazil to the United Kingdom, one of the most important preparations I had was the cultural coaching. It really helped me and my wife to understand about how the English behave, their values, and how to approach them in order to be a member of the team and also to realize my potential in the U.K. Another point was the help I got from the coach on how to balance my career/life goals with my wife’s goals. Of course, after one year living in the U.K., these goals had changed, so we had to talk about some difficult questions (facilitated by our coach)."

Reply to a request for feedback by Daniel Santos, whose coach was Tom Hoogewerf

"I've been having two huge learning opportunities. [One was] cross-cultural adaptability coaching. [This] was extremely helpful for my initial adaptation and continues to be of great assistance for my professional interaction with the different people/cultures in the plant."

Marcos de Assis, "Goals & Objectives First Quarter Report"

"Thank you for providing us such valuable guidance in terms of international parenting. Just to give you an idea how powerful the program was, Guilherme [5 years old] told us that Saturday was the day he enjoyed the most. Julia and Gabriela [younger siblings] said that they are looking forward to be five years old and get the same folder as Guilherme does.

E-mail from expatriate coachee/parent Alexandre Peixoto to GROVEWELL's children's coach, Yuri Marder

"Thank you both very much for such an enjoyable, valuable session on Friday. It provided us with a great insight into life in Russia, and we really appreciated your style of presentation." — Shamus Whyte
"We took so much away from Friday's session. You helped us recognize areas that we should work on to help us prepare and established an exciting tone our upcoming adventure. Thank you so much for that!" — Leah Whyte

Separate unsolicited e-mails from the Whytes to Jo Ann Ross and Russia resource person Yana Blackwelder

"Dear Sandro, my wife and I were so touched yesterday. I can’t thank you enough. If I look back at the past year, I was able to adapt fast to new environment, work hard and get a good result thanks to your timely and sincere advice. I was so excited to meet you and learn your experience, knowledge and wisdom here in Canada. I’m so sorry that I can’t get further coaching from you. You are the BEST coach I have ever met. If you don’t mind, I would like to keep in touch with you after I’ll be back to Korea. Hope you will be going well. Many thanks."

E-mail from SunKeun Huh to his coach, Sandro Iannicca

"We had an excellent [cross-cultural] session with Roberta. The content was very good and appropriate, and Roberta's experience and expertise were really key to the success of the session. After the session my wife and I felt more oriented and aware of some of the critical aspects of the transition, and of some ways to deal better with them! Very nice start of the GROVEWELL coaching program!!"

E-mail from Tulio Oliveira re his Brazil-based coach, Roberta Rosenberg

"Jo Ann you have a been a star! Both Kirsty and I genuinely valued your coaching. For me, you've helped a lot with various situations at work and my career for which your guidance has been invaluable. However for both Kirsty and me, you have also helped us adjust to life in the U.S. and make some conscious decisions about how we want to come across in certain situations to get the desired results. In summary, you have been great or should that be 'excellent'?! ;-) "

E-mail from Adrian Whitford to his coach, Jo Ann Ross

"My coaching experiences with GROVEWELL were extremely valuable to me both personally and professionally. I gained a greater understanding of myself and how to communicate most effectively for a successful adaptation in my host country. My foreign colleagues even commented on my cultural sensitivity! Now that I am home, my coach, Jo Ann Ross, has been instrumental in helping me reacclimate to home and my new role. She has provided me with insightful coaching that is helping me leverage my personal strengths and expand my leadership role within the company. My thinking is continuously broadened with each session, and I feel forever enriched for greater successes in life. I would highly recommend GROVEWELL to others."

Lynn Leonard, solicited testimonial re her coach, Jo Ann Ross

"I just wanted to let you know Peter Hawkes has been singing the praises of the cross-cultural coaching that he and his family received! I haven’t had feedback directly from him yet, but according to his host HR, he felt that the training content was excellent (both the training that he/his wife received, and the training that his daughter received), and that it was really well timed for them – he apparently feels that this training has helped the family settle in, and has supported a smooth transition for them."

Sent to GROVEWELL by a manager; our coaches were Kathy Molloy and Youth Coach Yuri Marder

"GROVEWELL's coaching offered me additional ears and eyes on my adaptation. It continuously shed light for me in a rational way yet with great passion. What I learned from GROVEWELL's coaching not only benefited my professional assignment but also my life. It was a really enjoyable learning process, and it touched my heart."

Shen Li, solicited testimonial

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